8 ideas for your scraps : the autumn scrap festival and swap

scrap sewing projects

It’s officially cozy season and I’m comin’ in hot, in full Autumnal mode. I’ve got a spooky book, scraps in warm fall shades for hexies, wool and felt to bundle up littles and another brand new free pattern for you, it’s perfect for scraps. Plus I’ve scoured the internet for a few more awesome scrap projects for you.

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And a swap! By popular demand we are having an autumn scrap swap – the rules and details are pretty much the same as the spring.

Find the rules, signup link and the “don’t make me turn this car around” speech right here.

*The swap is full and signups are closed


burnt offerings by Robert Marasco

Let’s talk about the *spooky book – a classic haunted house situation. It was recommended by a friend with excellent taste last year and I finally got around to it this year. I’m enjoying it immensely (about ¾ of the way through). Besides being spooky it’s set in the 70’s in New York which I love.

Back to the scraps:

There are tons of scrap appropriate projects in my free pattern collection the most recent being:

1. the minimalist chicken

2. slow stitch fish

3.  Another favorite for this time of year are the trees – I’m working on  a little group now.

stuffed pine tree sewing pattern

A few more awesome scrap projects for you:

hand stitched merit badges diy

4. merit badges – who doesn’t need a charming acknowledgment of their accomplishments  – big and small. I can think of all sorts of interesting contemporary categories like – great job putting on pants today…

5. reversible patchwork bag – it’s adorable and the tutorial is great. I’m a big fan of project bags and patchwork so it’s a double winner for me – plus you could keep scraps in it.

6. For your bigger scraps – a sweet multi pocket apron.  You can never have enough pockets.

nostagi christmas light ornament diy

7. nostalgic christmas lights – It’s not too early!  Especially if you’re making stuff for gifts. Man these are sweet and nostalgic. The tutorial is great and they are super easy to make.

8. A super simple and charming quilt. I love this and have started cutting rectangles. I’m not sure if I’ll quilt and bind it or use it as a duvet. I love the way the rectangles look and the simplicity of construction – strips of varying width but the same length.

Do you have a favorite scrap project, awesome spooky book  or a seasonal indulgence to share? Please leave it in the comments!

Till soon,


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scrap project ideas


  1. Kathleen Howarth

    Fantastic little ideas. Cheered me up as we have just been put in tier three lockdown
    [the highest] .

  2. Susan Hoyland

    Your work is a joy to behold, so pure in heart.
    I must check out the book you’re reading, it sounds perfect for autumn. I haven’t been
    to library (closed) for months.

  3. annabelle gardner

    I was just thinking about making a cardboard village for Christmas. But a scrapy tree forest would be nice too. Maybe I should do both. See now my mind just went running……old fashioned cabins with twig walls and pine bark roofs and cotton snow and scrapy trees!!!
    I’m in such a makers mood and want to make everything. Do you ever have that?
    I should make some of your hens and then photograph them with my hens, haha!
    Thank you, for all the makers goodness and for the swap. I look forward to it!

  4. sarita inch

    I’ve moved up, in a tent now, lol. With a chair, so I’m stitching!! Woohoo.
    Given my current environment, there was really only one choice regarding what to stitch…lots of trees!!
    I love your tree pattern sooo much, and am using twigs from my property, so extra special.
    Hope you received my email. Many hugs to you

  5. Pegg Macko

    I love those chickens!!!! I made a bunch of those cutie pie trees last year but without trunks. I’m going to save some sticks and make trunks this year! We will have so many trees!!! Thank you for the delightfully whimsical scrap patterns. It’s what I need in my life right now!

  6. Cecelia Brandt

    Oh Ann,
    Thanks for all the projects. I just made me happy to read your email.
    And right now we all need a little joy in our lives!
    Have a wonderful autumn season ahead.


  7. Elaine R. Snow

    Ann, I’ve just recently retired (well, half-way) and I now have time to do ALL THE THINGS I’ve not been able to for, well, about 30 years! I’m doing the chicken and fish and mailing them to my young grandchildren in California and Texas (I’m in Alabama/Georgia)! Thank you for offering these lovely ideas to us. OH, Burnt Offerings was one of my favorite classic horror movies of the 1970s!!! Try to find it to watch; you’ll love it. Love, Elaine

  8. Kathy Gonglefski

    Ann, Love your scrap ideas! I just started making fish out of my vintage embroidered linens for Christmas gifts. Have everything I need in my stash! Except some lavendar to stuff with. I’ll send you a photo when I’m done!

  9. Ann, I love this round up! Can’t wait to make your chickens. We just got chickens of our own this year. A fun lace scrap buster are little ghosties I designed this fall. I have a pattern in my little Etsy shop PostalThreads. They have a fabric opening in the back for candy or whatever you like. I also did a pumpkin patch version in 3 pumpkin shapes. Scrap busters are my jam! Satisfying little makes you want to gift to allll your friends.

  10. I love your little dressed animals & your little scrap ideas. I can’t wait to try a few of them.

  11. Wow! The scrap swap is closed already? That was fast. I’d been looking for email updates on how to sign up for the swap.

  12. Love all your little scrap makes …such a treat…. happy scrap swapping – sorry I’m too late ! xxx

  13. Keri Dempster

    I so enjoy these newsletters. So many interesting things to do! So inspirational! It really gives me a lift and a boot up the bum to make me get moving!!! ❤️

  14. Susan (marasco) artusa

    So funny about the book. Written by a relative of mine!

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