5 spring project ideas to try

projects - apron, sachets, cleaning cloths herb marker rocks

Besides being customarily fired up by spring I’m getting ready to move again this summer. It’s a tiny move – upstairs in the same building but still – all the packing of all the things… Again. On the up side it’s going to be the sunniest and biggest place I’ve ever lived in and I’m pretty excited about that. My plants are too. And I get to keep the tiny garden.

Last year was my rookie garden year. I got a late start (after moving in mid June) and weeks in a hurricane dropped a huge tree on it. Many lessons were learned though and I’m excited about getting the full season this year. I find growing anything super exciting. Both of these little projects are in my plans:

1. Herb markersa super sweet and simple idea from the always inspring august wren.

2. Make a harvest/ foraging apronfind a diy here and another here. I have to make it. It’s illegal to have a garden in Connecticut without one.

And of course new, upstairs me will be extremely tidy and perfectly organized at all times. I’ve got a couple projects planned in the cleaning and organizing department that involve using stuff I already have:

3. Cleaning cloths – I’m using a towel I’ve been hauling around for decades and an old sweatshirt combined with cotton and linen scraps. Find a sewing tutorial here.

4. I love this scrap rug idea but I’m not feeling rug size ambition about it. I feel more trivet size ambition about it. It would also make an awesome bag. Again though I think I’ll test drive it at a trivet or place mat size. Find the diy here.

5. You know I love a good smell. These sachets are simple and easy and I love the aesthetic choices made here. The free chicken sewing pattern would also make a great sachet. I’m going to grow some lemon verbena and dry it for filling them. Lemon verbena sachets will be great in upstairs me’s perfectly organized closet.

PS – bonus idea :
I don’t know why this reusable coffee filter idea has never occurred to me before, especially in coffee filter emergencies. So easy.

What spring ideas and projects are you fired up about? Have you got a favorite spring soup?

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  1. Celeste Douville

    I’d add a little 100% organic cotton handmade bias tape around that coffee filter. Makes it a little more durable and cute.

  2. Rosemary B

    Dear Ann, I just want you to know I think about you often, I know you are always making and dreaming.
    I read your blog. I do not always comment. I am always rushing… taking care of my 97 year old daddy, and just trying to maintain my own trash factory with hubbs, and then there are the grand babies. I do a lot of sewing.
    I love your inspiration and creativity

  3. Ginene Nagel

    Ann, I adore the foraging apron! Thank you so much. I am a dedicated “apron head” and I’ve never seen this before.

  4. Thank you so much for your continuing inspiration and for being so kind to share all these goodies with us!!!!!!!

  5. Ann, I love the foraging apron idea too! I’m just beginning the “winter clearance” from our garden and looking forward to getting herbs, spices and flowers growing again. I’m glad to hear you’re still staying in Guilford. My husband and I got married there and we stayed on for a couple of years (very fond memories – apple donuts & very fresh seafood, and of course being near the water). I always look forward to your new posts!

    • Thanks Susan! I’m in the same place with the garden – un-wintering it. So excited for herbs especially. And I like Guilford a lot – church bells and train whistles…

  6. Thanks for the ideas! I have been using the CoffeeSock brand reusable organic fabric filters for some years now and love them!

    • Thanks Carlene – I’m gonna check out the CoffeeSock!

  7. Catherine

    Having grown up in Connecticut, now gardening in Maine, I am still laughing about the required gardening apron.

  8. Merci de partager toutes vos idées créatrices c’est toujours un plaisir de lire votre blog, je vais utiliser vos explications pour les sacs à vrac et les essuie-tout en tissus.

  9. I wish I could share your enthusiasm for spring, but I must admit, I find it barely tolerable until after the leaves come out on the trees. I have plentiful spring flowers that I love, but I need those leaves to be out before all feels right. I blame my proximity to Lake Michigan. Enjoy spring!

  10. Ann, We love Borscht for spring. Helps me use up all those beets I planted in fall. Our peas are just coming on. I steam them, and whir them in the cuisinart with chicken broth. we heat individual cups, sprinkle with herbs and carry them out into the garden to sip while watering. I live near Monterey. It will be 79 degrees today. The first lilac bloomed today. Lovely post. I gotta make some chicken sachets. My spouse prefers my homemade potholders. They’re looking pretty scruffy. I guess thy should go on the list as well. Happy Spring.

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