what’s in my drawers

You know – the good ones- not the messy ones overstuffed with un-filed receipts and mail and pens that don’t work (I have those too). The drawers with good messes – those are the ones I want to show you –  jumbles of stuff I use everyday mixed with stuff I like to look at, the things that are part of my process and inspiration – things I love and things I’m thinking about.

drawer with found obhects and vintage sewing notions

For someone who is quite tight on space I am pretty frivolous with easy access storage – for example I keep my paper snowflakes in a drawer right under my sewing machine. It’s not the most practical use of that prime space but there is the significant spiritual benefit of seeing paper snow flakes cut by a friend everyday to consider. And –  although it is unlikely –  if there ever is some sort of paper snowflake emergency I am ready.

vintage sewing notions

I like looking at peoples stuff – their treasures -what they choose –  what they hold onto. If you feel like showing me what’s in your drawers – please use #whatsinmydrawers on instagram – (I’m @annwood there).

found objects collection

 found objects collection

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  1. Oh! I love seeing what is in your drawers and thinking about a paper snowflake emergency-makes me chuckle thinking about the similar “emergencies” I am prepared for!

  2. I have snowflakes too! Although mine are diecut, but I love them. I keep them in a book. Use them as gift tags.

  3. Love this post!! There’s something special about seeing others’ treasures… Made me realize I actually have only ONE drawer in the whole house! (not counting boring kitchen drawers, of course) It’s in my desk and it’s way to messy to share…
    Must try and sort it…

  4. I love having a nose in other people’s stuff! I definitely like the look of those threads in your first drawer, but then I am a bit of a thread addict! I have all sorts, but I’m always interested when I see something new (to me, a lot of my threads are vintage).
    I don’t have many drawers myself, just one with my pens in and a set full of wool. Motorola of my stuff is in boxes, decorative ones of course, and various vintage bowls and vases etc.

  5. Laurie Sharp

    great idea for a blog post topic! Love your little treasure drawers- esp. the doll parts!

  6. Oh my gosh – my hands were itching to ‘paw’ through these drawers. I Have no space for drawers but have lots of boxes like these. I recently spent a lot of time going through them and weeding them out.

  7. Just loved looking at these. I must say I am a collector and hoarder of all things arty crafty witchy and gluey…and have a vast assortment of pens pencils brushes paints threads and don’t even ask me a ok fabric! I just adore the smell and look of everything…

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