I like velvet and have been on the lookout for it lately. This antique jacket came with the bonus of owly eye buttons. Lots of them. There are 6 on the back as well. You can click the image for a better look.

velvet jacket

It looks like it has come for a visit – lounging on the couch. My BRAND NEW couch that I will go on and on about later, it’s been a saga ( you can see a bit more of it here). I like the lining fabric too –  there  is some wonderful mending I will preserve  however I use it.



  1. What a great score! The buttons are the best.
    My old guy has an old coat from a suit of tails, wool. It must be from the 1800’s. It’s been well used, the lining is totally rotted out, but the main body of the suit is still good. He never wears it of course, but won’t let go of it for any reason. I covet that dang thing! What i could do with that wonderful wool!
    Ah well. love gets in the way sometimes.
    I love each and every thing you make.
    I am in the process of trying to make up a couple of boats from your pattern and instructions. Wish me luck!

  2. as if it travelled through time and spaces for so long and finally rested on your (fabulous) couch 🙂 Sometimes I can’t believe these items are still in existence! Lovely piece for your creative mind 🙂

  3. I love it. I myself am a collector and reuser of old things so I can see why you would love this gorgeous piece. The buttons are especially fabulous. I can’t wait to see what you will do with it.

  4. The buttons are definitely owls eyes. I love the mended section all the lovely little stitches. What colour is the velvet it is hard to tell brown or blue? My eyes… Getting older.

  5. oh my such a wonderful jacket…where do you find all of your great garments!

    thank you for sharing!!!!


  6. Jacqueline

    Ann, what a wonderful find….the buttons are fabulous!!!!!

  7. Gaaaah!! I love a chesterfield couch! I am always walking through Restoration Hardware dreaming I have 5000$ and a giant room for one big couch.
    Old soft velvet is fabulous, too – I was a textiles minor and remember researching it and finding out that many of the machines they used to make the really soft velvet on are long gone.
    Nice to know some of it will live on in nice birds.

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