treasures from sri threads

I found a large unexpected box in my vestibule last tuesday morning.

Magnificent and inspiring treasures from Stephen Szczepanek.  I spent the rest of the morning having a marvelous time, unpacking it very, very slowly.  So much to think about.

There is a fascinating post on The Sri blog right now about stitched amulets. I didn’t know about this practice and Stephen writes about it beautifully,  it begins ” In Japan, there is a certain magic associated with stitching”.


  1. Dear Anne

    Your pictures of fabrics are so inspiring, I especially like the fabric that looks like it has already been patched.
    A couple of years ago I went to an exhibition promoting all things Eastern European. There were some lovely elderly ladies there busily embroidering away, they were both wearing blouses with embroidery across the breast and around the collar. I’d just finished reading a couple of books about embroidery and amulets by Sheila Paine (they were both excellent and would recommend a read of them both)and in those it mentioned embroidery to protect women. I spoke with their interpreter and yes, they both told me how the embroidery was a form of protection, and one got up to show me her beautiful petticoat which had embroidery down the back (you never know where the devil might strike apparently!) and also around the edge of the hem. It was so fascinating to meet people who had such an absolute belief their embroidery was keeping them safe.
    I spoke about this with my boyfriend and he said he always felt safer before going to sleep when the quilt I hand quilted (and hand pieced….yes I’m that in love….but also did the same for my cats)is tucked around him.
    As always your blog is such an inspiration xx

  2. Lovely fabrics, with such age and history behind them. I am agog at your lovely pin cushion as well. Oh my…

  3. marina urbach

    I am intrigued by the ‘ unexpected box in my vestibule’……..Was it a gift?
    Looks splendid!

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