week 22 in my “this is where i am from” year long project: My father was not great at occasions- birthdays anniversaries etc. But one year for my Mother’s birthday in January he surprised her with a number of small improvements – little conveniences and pleasures. A reading light over the bed and lots of others I don’t remember. I do remember the thermometer – installed outside the kitchen window. Placed, I’m sure, to factor in light and shadow to offer the most accurate reading. I watched the thermometer carefully in the last weeks of winter hoping for 55 F – when it got to 55 spring was a real possibility.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVing your series of paintings. What a thoughtful gesture from your father. Your paintings and work always so inspiring. I keep tuning in for the next one. Thanks Ms. Ann Wood.

  2. Lisa Standring

    Dear Annie,
    I just found this series and have been in awe for two days. I wanted to comment on your Feb 6th entry of the picture of you and the barns. I imagine that under that spiffy new winter coat you are wearing a plaid, pleated skirt, navy blue knee socks and sensible shoes? I looked through every entry hoping to find some reference to that mysterious attic in you house. Your blog is beautiful and I have been admiring your work for some time now.
    Thank you for sharing your memories, for the inspiring projects and my own stroll down memory lane. I hope your life is ( and has been ) as beautiful as your artwork.

  3. What a beautiful, poignant series. I love the idea. I might have to do some kind of interpretation for Kew Gardens, Queens—where I’M from. Queens: problematic and difficult…. a project like this might help me process some long-dormant feelings.
    Thanks for posting your progress!

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