the rhubarb patch

week 14 in my  “this is where i am from” year long project:

I remember Mr. Hennessy in sunny glimpses, tending his little rhubarb patch in the forest. The idea of a garden in the forest was intriguing and  mysterious to me. Sometimes Hennessy would cut some rhubarb stalks for the little people peeking through the trees at him and you could run to Mrs. W for a dixie cup of sugar to dip it in. Little kindnesses to children last a very long time.

PS – a note on the painting – I started over- scrapped last week’s progress. I am mrs. do-over. I still didn’t really get where I wanted to go. I did get somewhere though. Onward.


  1. Little kindnesses to children last a very long time … so true. I love this project of yours. It’s helping me remember special things about my own childhood.

    • Thanks Cari – I’m glad it’s sparking some memories for you – I’ve been amazed at the little things I remember in the process of making these pictures.

  2. tigerbuchman

    But isn’t rhubarb poisonous unless cooked?

    • nope- the stalks are super tart but good raw – the leaves though, are poisonous – cooked or raw

  3. I enjoyed this post. As a child, I remember knocking on the door of a certain neighbor who baked wonderful sourdough biscuits. Mrs. Jenkins would hand us each a warm biscuit with butter and send us on our way. Mr. Jenkins would advise us not to come back as he was missing out on his allotment of biscuits whenever we showed up. I can still taste them.

  4. Sally Stanley

    Now my mouth is watering!!!! I think I need a rhubarb pie!!!

  5. Ann, I have been following your work for years, you are an inspiration & true creative! I love this series & that your are Mrs. Do-Over. We are related, I am Ms. do-over! Enjoyed this last post very much. * Chris

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