the louisa may

The Louisa May – she’s made mostly from edwardian gowns and petticoats – sheer, thin, whispery things sewn over millinery wire. the louisa may




  1. I absolutely love this. Its a creation that dreams come from. Beautiful use of your imagination.

  2. Me too.. it is so beautiful and magical, the hull makes it for me, I like to see the shadows of her bones, and the layers show through.

  3. I’ve been stalking your pages for months hoping to see a new dream ship take to the skies…

    Will she be sailing into the online shop or are you keeping her?

  4. I love it. Sooo beautiful. I especially love the sails with the embroidery on them. How do you think up these beautiful things? You are incredible.

  5. Janet Chalmers

    That is exquisite. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  6. annwood

    Thanks so much! This took such a long time to make – one of those things you start to wonder if you’ll ever finish. It will be in the shop (with others) next week. I ‘d like to spend some time with it first and take some more photos maybe. I wonder what all those edwardian ladies who’s gowns it’s made from would think about this?

  7. Sandfly

    The Louisa May is the stuff of dreams. She makes my heart go pittypat!

  8. Coming out of lurkdom to comment on how beautiful this is!! I love your owls and really do wish I’d win the lottery so I could afford to own one, but have to say that this piece is absolutely stunning!

  9. Julie Estel

    Oh my gosh!! So so beautiful! ! Do you sell these?

  10. Oh! I love thinking about the women who wore these gowns and what they would think…amazing creation.

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