the brown speckled wingnut and other new songbirds

textile songbirds

Songbirds are slow work – it’s all slow work I guess but songbirds in particular will not be hurried. They are the boss of me.  I know when I start it’s going to take a long time and I struggle with that for a while – try to speed it up – it never works. I don’t make any real progress until I settle in and forget about finishing at all.

ann wood songbirds

They have evolved over the years into something more realistic than my early songbirds.  And every time I make one I reach for more – more life-force, more curiosity, more birdness.  I want them to seem to have just perched, or as if that are  just about to take off,  or take a step or as if they only discovered you this very moment.   I’ve added the four above to the shop today – from left to right : a Brown Speckled Wingnut, a Mrs. Brown’s Nuthatch, a Bashful Finch and an Ebony Woebegone.  You can see the Edwardian skirt the Mrs. Brown’s Nuthatch is made from here – I’ve been making things from it for years.

textile songbirds

mrs. brown's nuthatch

brown speckled wingnut

bashful finch

ebony woebegone



  1. I adore these songbirds! They really are lovely and so realistic. I love the picture taken from above. Their plump little bodies are wonderful.

  2. these birds are so, so charming. I adore the roughness of the stitches and fabric, and they are so expressive.

  3. I love your birds. I can’t say which one I like best, they all show so much character and individuality

  4. Laurie Sharp

    Your beautiful songbirds make me feel good inside! I love getting a notice in my inbox from one of your latest posts so that I can see something special. thank you for sharing your art, Ann!

  5. Your birds are beautiful Ann! And your words are so descriptive – more birdness. And the attractiveness of your stitching interests me – it goes against everything I always thought I had to do – to make everything neat and the stitches not showing! Can you say a few words about your stitching please Ann.

  6. Hi Ann, Bashful Finch arrived today; I love him. A beautiful little work of art. We will treasure. I love looking at all the little stitches and beautiful materials that he made of. You are such a skilled artist; it is wonderful to have something of yours. Thanks a million, Pat.

  7. Lynda Proctor

    Hi. I love these birds. Do you sell a pattern for them? Hope so….

  8. Marlene Scerri

    Just love your work they are so beautiful and well made I would love a copy of the pattern for these little birds if possible cheers

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