I’m so out of the habit of sharing what all is going on over here – I blame Facebook – it has made me, or allowed me to be,  blog lazy and that is a mistake in lots of ways.  Way back in July , when it was very, very hot,  I had an extra fun project working on  a diorama for Superchunk’s new video for Me & You & Jackie Mittoo” a song from their brand new album ” I Hate Music”.

(click the image for a larger view)

The diorama is cut paper and features  photos of lots people holding records. From Mac McCaughan: “‘Me & You & Jackie Mittoo’ is a song about bonding over records, & the role music can play in your life & relationships. We asked friends, family and some of our favorite record stores to collect photographs of people holding an album that is meaningful to them in some way — not necessarily ‘favorite’ though we’re sure plenty of them are.

The photos are incredible and there are hundreds of them. I was surprised by how sweet  and touching they all are- they made me love people in general a little extra.

We shot the video in my tiny place in brooklyn on the hottest day of the year – lots of dudes and equipment.  It was directed by my brilliant friend Phil Morrison and shot by Mott Hupfel – it was a blast – so much fun.

You can watch the video below or here:

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  1. Mike Johnson

    Don’t ever stop. I’ve loved your sound from the very first time I heard you. It was 1993. I found a Jethro Tull cassette in a parking lot. Didn’t know the band, never heard them, but scotch tape was covering the left & right topside, so I knew it was taped over. I shrugged, and took the cassette home for a listen. Your 3rd album, On The Mouth, was on it. Couldn’t stop listening. Over and over and over again. Same year I discovered Sugar, and to see Merge re-released all three albums remastered?!?!?!?! WOW! Copper Blue, Beaster & File Under Easy Listening! SO exciting. Thank you thank you Merge records. AND, I’m reading Our Noise – The Story Of Merge Records. Fantastic book Laura & Mac. Another amazing surprise. I will own I Hate Music soon. You are the most important bands in the history of everything.
    And maybe, just maybe … you will surprise me again, and write me back!

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