songbird work, treasures from sri and all sorts of new things in the shop

And just like that I’m a finishing machine.

textile art : birds

textile art bird

ephraim : hand made owl

matilde : handmade doll

I haven’t felt this much momentum in a long time. I’m even finishing stuff that was already finished – a little extra.  A few days after crossing improvisational doll Matilde off my to do list it was clear she was missing something  so I made her an underskirt from an antique wedding dress and added the button bustle and black stitch detail at the last minute – I love the combination of black and ivory.

I finished so much stuff I’m allowed to start new things and I have lots of ideas. Many of those ideas sprang out of a lovely package form Sri Threads that appeared with the usual serendipity – unexpectedly and at a perfect moment. Such inspiring old cloth.

sri threads textiles

sri threads textiles

sri threads textiles

I have more songbirds in progress and I feel like there is a pigeon here somewhere too.


  1. Carolina

    Love, love love that Matilde doll, very beautiful in her antique linens. Can we hope for a pattern maybe?!

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  3. I found your blog via your songbirds…. love them! Will you be releasing a pattern for them?
    I have enjoyed reading back on your earlier blog posts. I too am a list maker…

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