sketchbook : week 4

Week 4 in my yearlong sketchbook practice.  Each one of these was a complete surprise to me. They always are a surprise in some way but especially so this week. I was overwhelmed with work and each time I sat down in a little bit of a panic, with no plan, no inclination, no idea at all of where to begin, my mind racing – impatient to get back to work.  And each time the little experiment slowed me down and focused and steadied me – like taking a deep breath.

ann wood's daily sketchbook - week 4


  1. Beautiful Anne! I’m loving checking in on this series as your big creative year post. So inspiring. Thanks so much x

  2. Tierney Barden

    Ann, thank you so much for your beautiful posts, and for sharing your Big Creative Year with all of us! You are an inspiration, to say the least. Sooo wishing I could take your Squam workshop.

  3. I so enjoy seeing other peoples sketchbooks
    am making my way back through your posts
    you have a lovely style that seems to be your own
    so rare these days
    and i enjoy seeing each of them

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