sketchbook : week 22

Week 22 in my yearlong sketchbook practice. I get so many ideas from my little squares, for all kinds of things. This week I had lots of ideas for fabrics and ceramics.  I’d love to take a hand building class this fall. And for now I’d like to experiment with Spoonflower – have you tried it?  Or maybe some block printing on linen. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend a couple weeks just messing around with stuff you haven’t tried? 

sketchbook : week 22

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  1. Genie Holt

    I had a student’s abstract painting printed by Spoonflower just to try it out. Turned out very nice. The colors were pretty true but the small amount of white printed more yellow than I would like. It may have been more my error in sending the jpg file or not preparing it properly. I also didn’t know how to manage the repeats. I can send a photo if you want. I’d like to try some of the different fabric types. They have very fast service, by the way. Took about a week.

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