rag doll #2 and chuzzlewit

rag doll : camille

This is rag doll # 2 – Camille.  I had not intended to name the rag dolls but as I worked on her that name kept occurring to me so she must want it.  She has a very nice life – she just sits around looking serene and  thinking about things. Sometimes just in her underwear…..

rag doll : camille

ragdoll shoes

Besides her name she also wanted fancy shoes and pantaloons. She is in the shop today along with the fellow below – an owl made from Mrs. Brown’s skirt – Chuzzlewit.

owl : chuzzlewit

owl : chuzzlewit


He seems  a little suspicious of you.


  1. Camille is a lovely looking lady. I love her boatneck top and pantaloons! Chuzzlewit is rather nice too, though the last photo had me thinking I was seeing things until I realised he really was cocking his eyebrow!

  2. I love her and think that she has every right to sit around in her ‘underwear’ — She’s just lovely.

  3. I found your web site just after Christmas and have been getting sent your weekly blog and I do so enjoy looking reading it. Thanks heaps for producing it. Great photos, great text, and the items you make are wonderful.

  4. Just beautiful Ann! Chuzzlewit is a fine-looking fellow with his quizzical brow, I’m sure Mrs Brown’s skirt is happy with the reincarnation.

  5. Laurie Sharp

    Exquisite-charming, delicate and posessing elegance. I can see why the name ‘Camille’ popped into your head. Both creations seem to go together – wise dignified owl and elegant lady. Nice work, Ann. Hope your winter is well.

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