progress and tiny pine cones


The photo above is something new I’m working on and below is progress on a ship. I haven’t made one in a long time – maybe they’re a spring summer thing.

And some tiny pine cones.

I like tiny pine cones maybe even more than is normal and came across a ton of them in Prospect Park this weekend. I didn’t take them all, so if you like tiny pine cones too they’re at the grand army entrance.

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  1. Will the boats be available for purchase? I loved seeing your boat on display in person at the Johnson Shop. Your work is so great up close. Though the boat wasn’t available for purchase, I was nonetheless happy to pick up Elaine. She’s a beautiful bird with classic country colors. She looks great on my shelf by my M collection. Thanks for keeping us posted!

  2. your boats and birds are such eye candy!! I’ve never worked with paper mache before….so am wondering, how come the paper sinks in between your boat ribs? What makes it do that?

  3. Love to see the boats again!! Hope I could have one in my collection in the future!!

  4. I can’t look farward to see it finished… (I mean the first photo) I like the distroyed look of the fabric… and I love your birds and boats – they let me dream… and inspire me! maybe if I do an illu in this way I’ll send it to you, but it will be next year… because I’m very busy… I’ll check my sketchbook! I’m sure there is something about your work!!

  5. another ship! yayy!

    please tell me it means you’re working on a kit!

    and the WIP reminds me of some of the creatures/landscapes in DARK CRYSTAL, i just watched it again this week for the character design and background animals, etc. very inspiring!

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