perfectly wretched

A sharp eyed friend surprised me with this ruined Edwardian bodice.

greenish black bodice

In the years that I have been transforming these sorts of things there have only been one or two that were this fabulous.  I  love  the faded greenish black color, the fine wool texture, the extensive wear and it’s personality and presence.

red stiches

The lining and button holes have unexpected  handstiching in bright red and there’s a little pocket on one side for a little watch maybe?

little pocket

I can’t wait to take it apart and see what  other suprises it has.

( thanks so much laura)


  1. OHH, that is simply DIVINE! and I can’t wait to see what you do with it…
    now that’s a good friend if ever I heard of one ;>]]

  2. What a treasure! I love the way clothing was constructed and to see the beautiful stitching. I look forward to seeing what cute chickadees evolve out of this.

  3. What a fascinating project _ I hope to read more.
    Good luck with your drawing project – it is the sort of task I ought to set myself although my skill is nothing like as good as yours. Happy 2013.

  4. jayne hewison textile designer

    What an absolute gem of a garment. How wonderful your friend found this treasure for you. I look forward to seeing what you create with it. I have been lucky enough to buy a Victorian bodice which is very damaged, I did think it was maybe reproduction but a blogging friend saw the label and has told me the history of the piece so I am delighted. jayne x

  5. I love this jacket…you make such gorgeous creations…I have never commented here before but have followed you for a while now…thanks for your art and blog. I am an artist drawing regularly and love it..

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