I made this painting for the class I’m taking with Lilla Rogers Studio.  My assignment this week was to create wall art  in a limited palette and incorporating at least one word and botanical imagery. I made myself miserable for 24 hours and then I had a marvelous time for 24 hours.


  1. Hello Ann,

    I just found your artwork and blog through Amanda Hawkin’s interview on Stephanie Levy’s collage e-course, and am so glad I did, it is lovely. Also, you and I were in Lilla Roger’s course together! I love the wall art and plates you made, they are wonderful. There was so much work in the MATS flickr stream that it was hard to be quiet and truly appreciate each piece, I’m glad I got to see yours here.


  2. I love that you made yourself miserable for 24 hours… that is soo me! I’m usually of the verge of giving up, then go to bed and somehow wake up with a fresh outlook and then have a marvelous time! 🙂

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