painting and drawing everyday

There are things that make my life and brain work better.  Sketchbook – painting and drawing everyday, whether I want to or not, is one of them.  So my daily practice is back. And I have three hopes for it:

1.  That I can be consistent – that I build a solid enough habit that it doesn’t fall apart when I get extra busy.

2. That it leads me into larger work – my original intention was to turn the experiments I like into larger pieces – paintings, illustrations – maybe even fabric, I’ve yet to do that. I find the idea terribly intimidating.

3.  And to increase my success rate.  Last time I made 511 little squares.  When I started I had no plans to sell them but I felt good enough about some of them to offer them in the shop.  Only about 10% made the cut.  As I begin the practice again I’m doing it with the awareness that I intend to sell some of them and it does change my feelings about making them.  I think I’m much less likely to phone it in when I’m feeling lazy or distracted.  It’s a little extra pressure I think I need.  Series 2 paintings will begin to be available sometime this month. You can sign up here if you’d like an email notification.

daily art : annwood

After some initial misery and resistance and a lovely mix of self flagellation, anxiety and doubt   I’m finding some rhythm and building a routine again.  I did a few things to remove obstacles – make it easy for myself to show up.  I spend some time Sunday cutting up the squares (hot press water color paper) so they are ready to go.  And I make marks on some of them – splatter ink, scribble something or paint a background color – in case the blank paper is too much.  So helpful.  My paints and other supplies are organized and easy to get to.  And ideally  I like to start after 10 minutes of deliberate day dreaming – it usually puts me in the right brain place – a receptive place.  So does my sound app – still Wind through Pines – it’s magic for me.

daily art : goat

You can find my first week back at it here and I’ll post each week on Saturday. So far goats and  pigeons are very much on my mind…….


  1. I enjoy the insights into your creative process, and daily routine. It is interesting that for creativity to flourish, some discipline is needed. We are none of us wholly right or left brained.



  2. MontanaGal

    This post is perfect timing for me. I make and sell pottery so I have ongoing creative outlet that I love but I really wanted to try painting this year. I’ve been sketching almost daily and just got watercolor paints a few days ago. So far I have not liked a single painting. I will not show them even to my husband. I’ve actually got them hidden and I’ll probably throw them out. However I keep thinking of things I’d love to paint. I’m reminding myself that my first pots were horrid and it took practice, lots of practice. I feel like I want to be good at painting so bad that it’s scary to try….what if I fail and I suck and I’m not an artist at all.

    • Oh Boy – that’s it – that’s the fear – what if I try and it’s bad. It’s so hard. But no way around – you’ve got to make the bad ones to make the good ones.

  3. Teresa Truda

    Thank you for sharing the ‘process’.

    I find your art and creativity most inspiring.

  4. I agree that it takes a certain amount of discipline/dedication to make art every day. As MontanaGal said it’s difficult to look at our first attempts at unfamiliar arts, but it’s a good idea hang onto them, at least for a while, so you will have at a reference point to show how much progress you’ve made.

    You don’t ever need to show them to anyone! It would be very much like letting someone read your personal diary. It’s off limits! Then at some future date if you think they have lost their usefulness, toss them away.

    I need to practice the habit of making art every day, too.

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