october is for paper mache and terrariums

What’s better than an October day, so sunny and crisp and warm that a layer of paper mache dries in 20 minutes in the sun? I’m making some teacups for gifts and my tree this year – I usually use two layers of paper over the cardboard and this is the first.  These will be extra special because they are infused with spectaular Octoberness.

paper mache teacups


The color of the sky doesn’t seem real – but it was – what a day. October also means saying goodbye to the forest and that fantastic earth smell so I brought some home with me.

moss and lichen

happy terrariumMy terrarium perrished towards the end of last winter – the boiler in the old Brooklyn building I live in went south and there was a week of swinging between no heat and oven like temperatures that my little globe of mosses did not survive.  I love having a little bit of the forest with me through the winter, it’s happy in there and it smells good.

P. S.  The star pattern is almost here but not quite – I can’t get through a pattern step shoot without a big do-over.  Maybe it’s because of rushing or becoming increasingly persnicity about images or maybe I just need to do everything twice.




  1. Ruth Hoefert

    I have just finished my third teacup,a gift for a friend. I decoupage the outside, apply white paint and glitter to the inside, paint the rim and handle gold for a vintage look. They are so fun

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