1. I went to buy a little bird, all sold out…LOL. Then I thought I could get handsome Rodrigo here and he is also sold.

  2. HI, First time dropping by here and find your work so lovely and fine. I like crafts and like viewing others creation which inspires me. Your creations are awesome and it makes me want to improve my skill even more. Keep up your good work and I will drop by here more often now 🙂 Will be linking you into my Creative blog list. Happy Thursday!

  3. I love your owl, he’s fantastic! I just wanted to say how talented you are! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!

  4. Happy New Year to you! I love your work and am so happy to have discovered your site (and nurture my secret fantasy of someday purchasing one of your amazing boats!).

  5. Your creations have passion and soul; it’s really amazing to see the different expressions that your little creatures have. I really hope that I will be able to own something of yours one day!


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