my big creative year : youness

“No one is youer than you.” – Dr. Seuss

So lovely and simple and true. A perfect message for a child or grownup. And the idea that is at the heart of all that is creative.

I think the youness is worth exploring deeply and sharing as fully as possible. The world only has one chance at what’s in there – one chance at you. I think it’s worth time, energy, embarrassment, failure and disappointment to work your way through to the deepest, most truly creative work you can do – the youest – the work of your utterly unique, snowflake of an imagination.

My Big Creative Year  moved me closer to that work, closer to my youness. Some of the things that helped:

Showing up – whether I wanted to or not.

Failing and starting again, and again and again….

Intention – making experimenting a priority – making  room for it.

Learning more about how I work (one of the benefits of working) – following my energy.

Listening carefully for the magic – I do believe it is there- waiting to be noticed….  Listening is part of the work and that kind of listening takes practice and patience and the afore mentioned showing up.

I got more tuned in to recognizing where I stumble – I see more clearly what is in the way, what trips me – again and again – this continues to be my biggest sticking point.

paper mache ships

And what’s ahead for 2016:

Blog-wise nothing programmed – except the sketchbook – I need to freestyle for a while- post as the spirit moves me. And work-wise – I have a lot of ideas for the coming year – new patterns and for the first time kits! are on the horizon. Also, Some projects came to me at the end of 2015 that hit me right in my youness – work I’ve been enjoying immensely – I’ll share some of that soon.

And for you, for 2016, I hope you’ll continue to visit here – I am grateful that you do. I wish you a happy, healthy and creative year. I wish you a year of magnificent youness.


  1. Your big creative year has been immensely inspiring. Thank you, selfishly, for showing up!
    Looking forward to 2016, and wishing you continued creativity and magic!

  2. Be who you are! I am so grateful for your talent, inspiration and sharing!!! XXOO Cat

  3. Debra Moini

    Happy New Year! Ann.
    All year long I have learned from you. I love today’s post! Thank you for your consistency, for showing up and encouraging me to do the same. Thank you for sharing your insights and your work with us. I wish all the best for you in 2016!

  4. Your blog has been one of my favorites this year. It manages to be calming and inspiring at the same time. I can not wait to see what you do in 2016. I know you will continue to be my island of meditative creativity that I can visit whenever I need. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

  5. Karen Ritchie

    Thank you Ann and a very Happy New Year. Your blog is one I always read. I love your little animals and have shared them with my Grandchildren and encourage them to have a go and hope we left a seed in their imagination to remember were their interest in arts began. Xxx

  6. Louise Coxon

    Thank you Ann, for sharing your thoughts and ideas so generously. Making owls and mushrooms from your wonderful patterns over the last few months have helped rekindle my creative energy which has been so depleted following surgery and chemotherapy. May you enjoy a happy freewheeling 2016!

  7. Lisa Biladeau

    Thank you for yourself – your generous spirit and your splendid inspiration. And happy New Year to your creatures.

  8. I’m so thankful for having discovered your blog and your work — even have the patterns to show for it*smile*. Thanks for being there and for having such a wonderfully interesting and creative blog.

  9. You know how everyone says “where has the time gone?” My husband and I just usually say “poof! there it went”. I started reading your post and that feeling hit. “What? her big creative year of posts is already over? That was already a year ago that she started that series?” THANK YOU so very much for sharing all of your insights and thoughts. They are appreciated. I look at your sketchbook and marvel all the time…. May you have an abundantly blessed New Year and I hope all you learned this past year continues to open itself up more to you. (And, to us your readers!)

  10. I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now but I especially enjoyed this year of getting to know you better on your journey…which in turn has been an encouragement to me to be more committed to regular creativity on my personal journey! Look forward to seeing what’s new!

  11. Hello Ann,
    I just found your beautiful blog and sweet creations today, via Pinterest.
    Pinterest is our friend.. 🙂

    I spent quite a bit of time here today and am so inspired by your work and
    the beautiful way that you write your blog. Inspired so much, I bought two
    of your patterns. This past year we turned one of our bedrooms into my
    sewing den. And this year I plan on making good use of the little space and
    cannot wait to sew up some of your creatures.

    Happy New Year!


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