my big creative year : why I sew

I sew because my mother sewed, because my aunts sewed, because my older sister sewed. I think well in stitches. It’s simple, the barrier to entry is very low and the possibilities are endless. It’s a language I’ve spoken for a very long time, it’s comfortable and I am adept in it.

stuffed purple hippoThe worse for wear hippo above is the very first creature I sewed – my first gussets, my first complex shape, the first thing I made that seemed (to me) to have a heart, and seemed to have somehow intended her own creation. She was made over a summer spent with my Aunt Rita when I was small. She tumbled out of a dark corner of the closet recently and reminded me what magic and transformative work sewing has been for me.


  1. You can learn a lot from a hippo…
    What ever first inspired you to take up a needle we are glad it did and that you have shared the results of those wonderful stitches with us!

  2. This is so beautifully written and expressed. Beautiful

  3. Your hippo is lovely. Those of us who find comfort, inspiration, and joy in handwork are truly blessed.

  4. So happy when i discover at each of yoyr posts, a new work!…it’s delicate, poetic,full of humor and tenderness….and so well done! ,
    Your words today are connected with a project i work on “au fil des mots, tisser des liens” ” in the course of words, forge links”;

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