my big creative year : perspective

When I need to shift my perspective the best thing for me is to wander outside. So I did this weekend, for a little bit in the Adirondacks. I really didn’t think about things or try to figure anything out but while I was smelling moss and tree sap and collecting treasures my head cleared, a lot of franticness lifted.

shed skin

I’m in my usual spot of too much to do, not enough time etc. etc. etc. and I’ve got to let go of something so I’m going to put My Big Creative Year on vacation for the remainder of August. Or, more clearly, I’m going to put posting about it on vacation – I’ll still be having a big creative year and I hope you will too. The timing feels perfect and it takes some pressure off, gives some much needed breathing room. I’ll still be posting about other stuff – what I’m working on etc. and – hopefully later this week- I’ll tell you what I learned in my holiday survey – it was full of surprises. Thanks if you participated – I learned a ton.


  1. A practical example of the importance of no? 😉 Enjoy the time and recharge – I hope you’ll keep up with the daily sketches and post them when you return!

  2. Hi Ann, It’s beautiful to see you honouring yourself and adjusting things to be more workable. Your Big Creative Year project is a massive task. I undertook a one month challenge of daily illustration practice. One month was tough! The most valuable lesson I learnt from the process was that working in that way was not sustainable. I saw that if I reduced the practice to three times a week I would be more present to the task and enjoy it more as I would not just be pushing myself through the motions to complete the goal. All the best.

  3. Ruth Hoefert

    Enjoy your vacation. I will look forward to reading your posts when you are back.

  4. Take it easy & be a porch-potato! Glad you’re listening to your intuition and taking care of yourself! Enjoy. No worries; we’ll still be here when you return.

  5. I am so in awe of your creativity. I spend a lot of time outside in my yard, but I keep catching myself thinking of it as just WORK to do, and this summer, I’m making an effort to just wander out and look around and listen and look and smell, instead of saying “ugh, those plants need deadheading, I have to move those plants back, etc.” I find myself able to linger just a bit longer each time. Thank you for sharing your process and creative works with us.

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