mr. pinch

Poor fellow, he is always disposed to do his best, but he is not gifted.

(according to pecksniff…..)

I’m working on a lot of owls, they are becoming more and more complicated and take forever.


  1. anjelle

    Oh my gosh! He is so fabulous! I love all the layers done on the wings. And the utterly scrappy-yet-fiddly look of him.

  2. I love owls and yours are wonderful. I love all your work. I found you, btw, from design sponge.



  3. I have just re-read Martin C. book last week, and cried – again- like a baby. I love your mister Pinch, and I’m glad that his character is getting some much deserved recognition.

  4. Is he called Mr. Pinch because he pinches (steals) things? Yet manages to look innocent, like “who, me??”

  5. YOUR WORLD IS MAGIC…..I CAN’T EVEN EXPRESS HOW MUCH I’M IN LOVE WITH WHAT YOU CREATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!!!! Love you!!

  6. Por tu trabajo exquisito, te he dejado un premio en mi modesto blog.
    Un saludo afectuoso desde muy lejos.

  7. Okay, you. are. beyond. talented! Word’s can’t express how much I want one of your birds. I have no boyfriend yet somehow I already know what’s going to top my wedding cake someday. Lovely!!!

  8. He takes my breath away. somehow i picture him going through a pile of clothes and fabrics and choosing his feathers. trying things on. giving a bit of a shake and rustle and seeing if they fit just right.

    i am inspired.

  9. Just stumbled upon your blog and am so inspired by your work. The owl is incredible! I look forward to looking more deeply at your work when I visit again!

  10. I am so in love with all your lovely creations, I know that “someday” I will acquire one of your most fab creations.I understand how things evolve and it seems yours are still evolving, you’re not done quite yet.

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