miss tulip gown


This dress turned up here in brown pieces –  I’m not even sure how it really goes together. I soaked it for days and days and then had lots of  fun pinning it into a dress shape. The under and over skirts are weighted and the overskirt has a lovely tulip shaped hem.

tulipdetail_smI’m making some things from it now – I’ll show you next week. I’m also working on a new kind of little boat -they’ll be finished and in the shop next tuesday .

little boat work


  1. Beautiful dress; I love the way you’ve got it hanging. So far the boats look interesting with lots of different textures. Can’t wait to see them finished!

  2. the way the dress is hanging makes me think about the scene in cinderella when the birds carry the dress from their beaks. so beautiful.

  3. The dresses you find are unbelievably beautiful. Your photography does them justice!

  4. So artistic, it also reminds me o fairytale, what a beautiful piece of art, congratulations your work is wonderful

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