little mysteries – a mini creative assignment

I love an assignment. This week I’m giving myself a fun mini assignment and you’re invited to participate if you like. The subject is “little mysteries”. The only rules are: that I take a photo ( with my phone) every day that feels a little mysterious to me and post it on instagram. Pretty easy. I have an extra busy week working on orders from my shop and wholesale orders for catbird, BHLDN and Fortuny. I try to encourage myself to experiment in at least small ways regularly and I think that it’s even more important to do that when I’m very, very busy producing. It’s also very easy not to do when crunched for time so I made this a fun, easy and for me, very appealing assignment. In case you’re not instagramy I’ll update this post with them as well. I’d love to see your little mysteries and if you like you can use the hash tag #littlemysteries or leave a link to your photo in the comment section.
Here is little mystery #1






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