horse#19 Nell

I got pretty derailed today by a variety of really frustrating technical difficulties and didn’t accomplish anything even close to what I had hoped to. When all my technical issues finally got resolved I was distracted by my residual annoyance.

I did get today’s horse and a little ship work done though, I made a couple frames and just now got a layer of paper on one side of each frame.
I love waking up to a nice dry layer of paper mache.




  1. Your ships are amazing! I have always wanted to try paper mache but so far have shyed away because of the potential mess (unfoturnately, I am not a neat crafter ;). One thing I’m curious about – why the floral tape wrapping? Is the work more fragile if the paper touches the bare wires? Or is there less wire “show-through” if you use the tape? Thanks for sharing you pictures – you do incredible stuff!

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