Flying Colors

For the final whiplash I made a little ship. She’s fully underway with colors flying. It features the colors that have been on my mind most lately- teal and green.





  1. i love love love love love this! did i say that i love this? i will have this in my mind for a while. . .

  2. Your ship is wonderful. I especially like the little flags! Is the bottom made out of fabric too? It has such a different impression than the sails.

  3. Oh this is just so lovely. I want one hanging over my bed to look at at night while I am going to sleep- it just looks like it might take me somewhere really great!

  4. Just beautiful Ann. My favorite parts are the hand embroidered heart on one of the sails and the small string of fabric penants. This must be even more spectacular in person with the light shimmering through the fabrics. Great entry!

  5. Of all the whiplash entries, this is my absolute favorite. I’m blown away by it!

  6. this ship is a lovely creature! it is really terrific… hope to find your other ships on the blog here… great work!

  7. Never saw anything like this. It’s an amazing peace of work and I especially love the colors you used on this one. Now I’m of to lookat the rest of your site because I’m absolute certain there’s much more beautifuls to see

  8. This is beautiful – so original and so light and airy – the sun just coming through the colours. Extremely talented work!

  9. I saw your name on whiplash and it looked familiar – then I remembered – I saw Junebug this weekend… The paintings you did for the movie were incredible. I love your work!

  10. Ann
    The ship is truly fantastic. I would love to get one. Will they ever be available on line?

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