fabric markers, the best adhesive in the world and stitched botanicals

stitched botanical experiments

Did you know fabric markers are a thing? I had no idea but happened upon a giant display of them in a big art supply store. They are fantastic and a perfect tool for the botanical classes I taught last week in LA.

dot tipped fabric markers

I’m always on the lookout for easy ways to make organic looking marks on fabric (there is a whole post about how to do that with bleach printing here). These markers are perfect. There were lots of different sizes and tips to choose from. My favorites were the brush and dot tips. I love a slightly imperfect dot.

fbric marker for lines on leaves

The olive marker is a beautiful translucent shade of green. Perfect for adding leaf details to fabric that was dyed olive green. So easy. And you can spritz with water to bleed and smudge and blend the colors. So many possibilities.

fabric markers and dye

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If you’d like to try the markers: the brush tip marker is a Marvy Uchida Fabric Marker. The big dot tips are Tee Juice Fabric Markers and the thinner brush tips are Fabrico markers.

By the way I dip my green fabric twice. First in Olive green Dylon Dye (my favorite brand of dye- you can find it at Joann) and then in a light solution of orange dye (Dylon Goldfish is a great orange) to make it brighter, a more acid tone and a little variegated.

Check out a few of the marvelous botanical experiments from the workshop below.

botanical workshop images

While we are talking about supplies…

small jar of acid free paste

I’ll share my new favorite adhesive too. I love everything about Nori Paste. I even love the container. It’s great for collage, easy to work with, extremely smooth and the papers never wrinkle.

antique paper collage - beetle

Not even a little and I’m using very old, thin and fragile papers. I also tried it on a whispery thin bit of fabric for the bug wings thinking it would fail but the result was perfect. I painted a thin layer of paste to the paper and pressed the fabric into it. Get a10 oz. jar here.  It’s so good.    And fyi I get a tiny commission if you purchase through this link.

PS – Beetles are on my mind lately. So are ghostly ships and green birds and owls. Stay tuned and  have a lovely weekend – ann


  1. diane Curry

    You make the most exquisite creatures and flowers!!!

  2. Sharon Alms

    Hi Ann
    Working to finish my song bird from class right now. You we going to give us source so we could order wool. Did I miss the info? I want to do botanicals next. Thank you again for such a lovely time.

  3. I love seeing the hands that created the botanicals…how they are all different, too!

  4. Rosemary Bolton

    gorgeous fun. Making stuff and giving it to people I love is such a blast.
    Thanks for the tips on the new supplies. I love birds and owls too.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity

  5. Leslie Alt

    Just beautiful! Looking forward to the possibility of a botanical workshop happening in the NY or CT area.

  6. Beautiful work! I use Nori Paste as well and love it for certain things. However, if you have it for a while you should refrigerate it. I have had it go moldy on me more than once….

  7. Patricia Eycleshymer

    I so wish I could take a class from you. I live in Niles, MI, just across the state line from South Bend, IN. I tried to make your darling little mice, but I needed you. Sigh.
    Patty Eycleshymer

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