Yesterday we put up the halloween window at Johnson. There were chocolate covered pretzels and mini candies and champagne. It was a lovely time indeed. This is the ghost ship, The Antonia, I barely had time to take a picture, some of the paint wasn’t even dry when I got in the cab.



I was in a mad frenzy of making creepy things over the weekend. These bats are made from victorian bits and pieces.



The bats were fun to make, and so was this little spider, I’ll probably make a few more. He’s sitting on an unfinished paper mache mushroom. I had planned on making a bunch of mushrooms but this one took forever.


And here’s the window sort of done. It needs a little more work. Note the creepy sales lady lurking in the backround.




  1. It doesn’t need to be said that your ship is beyond incredible (you know, don’t you?), but I’m going to say it anyway.

    I also LOVE the spider. So cute and creepy. Are his legs just normal crafting wire?

  2. It all looks incredible – but all put together in that window, the effect is amazing. Wow!

  3. The window is fantastic! All the elements are great together…love the oat and the mushroom!

  4. Amazing! The ship is perfect, and the bats are great. I wish I could see the window in person.

  5. woooowwwwww! Just perfect! And the ship, I think it’s the best of all. The others were very nice too, but this one really is the THING!
    Keep it up girl!
    sara aires

  6. How can I get a spider and a mushroom. Please say you will have some for sale:) They are all soo lovely the ship is amazing.

  7. Absolutely Amazing. April wanted to jump inside the window!

  8. That window display is wonderful, all amber light and creepy bats, and the ship definitely has the haunted pirate ship thing going. What a masterpiece!

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