chicken ornament : free sewing pattern

fabric scrap chicken ornaments

Let’s make minimalist chickens. They are quick and easy and the sort of thing you can make in batches. I bet you know at least a dozen people who need a chicken ornament. Stuff them with wool or something that smells good, they are a sweet and silly surprise either way.

The idea for them turned up in my sketchbook and then bounced back and forth between drawing and sewing as many things do for me in the percolation phase. As the design became increasingly simple I was more and more happy with it. The little legs especially make them expressive and animated. I used laundry starch to stiffen them so I could get just what I wanted.
You just need scraps (stay tuned for scrap swap news later this week) and a few other things to get started.

**download the pattern**

You will also need:

  • fabric scraps – light cotton or linen
  • felt (I like wool felt)
  • embroidery thread
  • glue stick
  • stuffing
  • a basic sewing kit
  • pencil

1. Pin the body pattern to 2 layers of fabric with the right sides together. Mark the seam line lightly in pencil. Cut out the three small parts from felt. Pin the body pieces – right sides together – near the tail end.

2. Fold back the front of the top body piece.

3. Add a tiny bit of glue to the edge of the beak and waddle felt pieces and place on the body fabric exactly as shown – note that there is a little empty space above the beak.

4. Fold the top body piece back down and pin in place. Stitch just the bottom curved seam. Place the felt comb piece as shown above the body.

inserting the felt comb

5. Insert the felt comb between the layers – placing it exactly as shown – note the little triangle of space between the comb and beak.

6. Stitch the top seams leaving the center open.

7. Clip little triangle notches around the curved seam and clip  off seam allowance  the corners. Be careful not to clip the seam.

8. Use your chopstick to turn the chicken right side out.

9. Stuff the body.

10. Make a loop with embroidery thread and knot.

11. Fold the edges of the body opening in and begin to whipstitch closed. As you are closing the opening insert the loop tails with the knot just inside the folded edges and stitch it in place.

embroidering details

12. You might find this method for hiding your knots helpful for embroidering the details. I added an X on each side for eyes.  Small buttons would be sweet too. Make a few stitches for the wings on each side. For the tail I stitched through both sides with straight stitches.

13. For the legs make a knot about two inches from the end of a length of embroidery thread. Make a tiny stitch in the seam about 2 and 1/2 inches from the point of the tail and pull until the knot catches.

14. Put the needle back in and come out about 1/2 inch away in the seam towards the head.  Make a tiny knot.

trimming the legs

15. Trim the legs. I like to add a little starch to the legs for stiffness.  You can use spray or liquid starch and then iron them in the position you like.

fabric chicken ornament

hello little chicken!

I hope you make lots of silly chickens! If you do I’d love to see. Please use #annwoodpattern on instagram.


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fabric chicken ornaments


  1. Ann these are charming they are at the top of my tomorrow’s to do list. Thank you. I’ll be sure to post and can’t wait till the fabric swap. How do I get on to your blog?

  2. Victoria Fickel

    Another incredible fun pattern. Just wonderful!

    I would love to look inside your mind someday. It must be amazing!

  3. Mariana Stevenson

    Thank you Ann,

    I love the way you write and all your projects. Thank you!!! In times like this, your presence brings me joy and a great distraction.

  4. Lori Duckworth

    Totally, totally cute, and just the perfect thing to make with all of those “cabbage” scraps!

  5. Elizabeth Cooper

    These are so cute! Thank you for sharing. I love your posts-they provide so much inspiration.

  6. Maggel Du Plessis

    Hi Ann. I am looking for a pattern for a soft snuggle toy for babies. The ones that are are soother like. It has a animal face with a rag the size of a face cloth or bigger. If you have something like that. I am happy to pay for the pattern.

  7. Kathie Hood

    Coming across these adorable dolls brought a smile to my face. My granddaughters have the dolls of 20th & 21st century occupying their playtime and yet are so creative. Pocket dolls might be the dolls of the pandemic if I can tempt them.

  8. Made a bunch of these chicken ornaments, so cute! I added tiny jingle bells on their feet, others I made into catnip toys 🙂

    • I was just going to say, perfect gift idea for the cat lovers!

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