botanical experiments

This big pink flower woke me up last night. It’s one of the new botanical experiments I’ve been working on and it was finished but I didn’t love it- something wasn’t right. The original stem and roots felt too delicate, too fussy for the flower and out of balance – that idea would not leave me alone. My subconscious must have been working on it for me and  last night I woke up abruptly knowing exactly what it needed – a bulb, a more substantial stem and very simple leaves.   I love the bulb!  More botanical experiments soon – there are all sorts of strange new species on my work table.

Have a lovely weekend,


stitched botanical

stitched botanical

stitched seedpod

stitched seedpod


  1. Suzanne

    These are just lovely. The red flower is perfect & robust — good call on adding the bulb, it gives it a nice, organic anchor.

  2. Lynette

    These are simply gorgeous, the bulb is an inspired idea it really balances the whole piece.

  3. Liz Calais

    Absolutely lovely Ann. The bulb does anchor the flower. Always enjoy news from you. Hope all is well since I last saw you at Squam workshop in NH. Think it was your first time teaching there and it was a wonderful experience for me in your workshop. Hope to do another with you someday 🙂

  4. Wow! These are my new favourite’s from work very clever hands. They are perfect!!!!

  5. I love this so beautifullymade,
    it reminds me of the technique Anne Montgomery uses for her dolls

  6. Carolyn Harness

    Could you tell us the name of the flower, please? It looks familiar, but then again you may be taking “artistic license” and making your own kind of flower! And I like them very much.

  7. annette ostrander

    So delicate,sweet and special they are

  8. You always amaze me with your creativity! I dearly love this ‘bloom’!!

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