ballerina work

Most things start with a pile – the two little piles above are going to be ballerinas.

And patterns usually start with a drawing.

owl drawing

A hopeful sort of drawing followed by lots and lots of experimenting – making  and taking apart, adjusting – over and over and over again. If nothing else I am persistent. Relentless might be a better word.

owl draft

My plan is to end up with a little perching owl who might like to be  a passenger in a paper mache ship.

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  1. I lovely pile indeed, I love that you share your process! I have linked to your website and paper mache boat tutorial on my blog this evening. Thanks so much for the awesome instructions!

  2. It’s really interesting to see your sketches for the owl, and then your owl with his markings. Your piles of fabric look so neat and tidy, mine always end upo in a big old mess all over everywhere. I like to blame my cat, but really it is because I like to spread out. Are you generally a neat and tidy worker?

  3. I think absolutely everyone who knows me would tell you no, I am not a tidy worker. I need to spread out too – can’t seem to get anything done without making a giant mess.

  4. this is so fun to see! i’m used to this kind of precision in dressmaking, but i wouldn’t have thought to apply it to animal creations. inspiring!

  5. just the process alone is inspiring 🙂
    your work is so intricate, so organic. beautiful.

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