a wardrobe for miss dahlia – progress on the tiny rag doll pattern

tiny rag doll

The body pattern for the tiny rag doll is worked out as well as the assembly and directions for the little details – like her shoes and hair.  I’ve moved on to patterns for her wardrobe. The original tiny doll  had attached fancy underthings that made assembling her difficult and  I love the idea of everything being removable so I devoted a big chunk of time to experimenting with tiny lingerie construction.  I came up with bloomers and 2 camisoles for the little doll above – miss dahlia.  I also made her a pinafore – that might be my favorite thing of all – in fact I want miss dahlia’s whole outfit for myself.

mini doll clothes


tiny rag doll back

tiny rag doll pinafore

miss dahlia and miss lilac

Here she is with miss lilac – all dressed.  I’m moving on to outerwear tomorrow – a winter coat and a satchel and then the tiny rag doll will be very well equipped for all her tiny doll adventures.

If you’d like an email when the pattern is available you can sign up here.


  1. Catherine Wood Flavin

    My Birthday is in November (hint hint). She is fabulous!!

  2. Kristin McNamara Freeman

    really, really wonderful…love her tiny self and wardrobe.

  3. She is your sweetest one yet . The shoes are so cleaver , and pretty . Her lacy undies perfectly feminine . The pinafore is the cherry on the top .

  4. I’ve just made myself a crossover apron exactly like that in grey linen – there’s plenty left to make a doll – sized version! Can’t wait for the pattern, she – and her clothes – are wonderful!

  5. I second all that, gorgeous and can’t wait for the pattern 🙂

  6. Bridget

    Perfect…..cannot wait to begin!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Makes it all even more special!

  7. Sheila Brogan

    I hope these sweet girls will each have a hankie …. perhaps in their satchel?
    Will they have other sisters? Miss Rose? or Miss Lily Ann? or a redheadded
    brother …Jack?

  8. Carolina

    Ann, where do you get your fabrics from? Do you ever buy new fabrics? I recently came across a bag of antique fabrics at a yard sale & they would be perfect for a lovely little doll.

  9. Jennie Henzel

    A pattern! I can’t wait … she’s so adorable.

  10. Lily Langman

    I started today and my material frayed really badly when I turned the pieces. I was rather hampered by not having a straw! I’m going to dress her anyway, even though she’s a bit Frankenstein like. I’m looking forward to making the clothes

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