a cloaked bishop lilly and other stitched botanicals

stitched botanicals

I’ve been experimenting with new botanical shapes.  The flower below is the rare cloaked Bishop Lilly – it only blooms at night.  If the moon is full.  Once every ten years. And only for an hour…..

There are also seedpods,  toadstools and another rare specimen the Royal Cone Flower – valued for the rich crimson bloom as well as it’s medicinal properties – it’s petals make a potent sleeping potion – it is found only in the Black Forest and is nearly extinct.

I love the mystery and strangeness of flowers and I’m exploring them further – playing with the idea of translucency and things gone to seed.  I especially love the foresty parts of the botanical gardens here in Brooklyn and I’ve been finding inspiration in antique botanical prints too – for my invented species as well as the photographs of them – I’m thinking of a postcard set of strange new specimens – what do you think? Also – In addition to the tiny rag doll pattern I’m working on a botanical pattern  for a seed pod with a root system – that will probably be next out. Have a lovely weekend,


cloaked bishop lilly

cloaked bishop lilly

toadstool #10

You can find the sewing pattern for the little toadstool above right here – I printed the pattern at 50% for this little guy.


royal cone flower

cloaked bishop lilly

plum seedpod


miss lilac

And among all the strange flowers – tiny rag doll #4 – miss lilac.


  1. Susan Jonsson

    I am in love with your stitched botanicals and would dearly to buy a pattern…I hope you will consider offering some….Please put me on your list. Just so amazing…..Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. Love your photography too.

  2. carol shannon

    Looking forward to the botanical pattern. I am not able to travel to your retreats, so this will be a dream come true. I am amazed with your talent and all the ideas you create Always look forward to your next idea. Thanks for being you and your big heart for sharing

  3. I love your beautiful botanicals, they look so etheral and fairy tale like, I keep expecting to see the petals/pod slowly open to reveal a little person.
    Your Clocked Bishop Lily looks very similar to something I know as Lords and Ladies or Cuckoo Pint…it’s very poisoness and was one of the first plants I learnt to recognize as a child growing up in the countryside as there would grow on the common land and heath where I’d play.

  4. What beautiful prints these would make. Postcards, notecards, blank cards. You could have them printed. All of your creations are worthy of this.
    Also think of perhaps offering Printables that people could print themselves as Instant downloads. I so love your work and wish I had ten hands and ten bodies so I could do everything that I have in my brain. Also you could think of writing a book with illustrations and patterns, etc.
    To do all of this you will need ten hands and ten bodies or perhaps an assistant.
    Sincerely Barbara

  5. Magic in the Ann Wood forest – I am enthralled…

  6. Love your flowers and your fantasy!
    You need to have an exhibition at the botanical garden of course!
    I might even pop over the ocean to see it!

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