3 ideas to try : paper lanterns, end of day baskets and collage experiments

paper lanterns by oh happy day

Everything I’m doing this week would either not be remotely interesting to you or is top secret so it’s the perfect time to share a few good ideas I’ve come across lately. Stuff I’d like to try. I love paper lanterns, I like things that hang and play with light.  These have so many possibilities. You could use fancy paper, or found paper – mixing in some wax paper and or fabric could be interesting. I love the way they look hung together. Find a tutorial for four different styles on Oh Happy Day.  And lots more photos too – all beautifully styled and charming.

susies scraps basket

I’m a fan of finding ways to use the littlest scraps – especially little bits of fabric I love to much to part with. You’ll find a complete tutorial for this “end of day” basket here. It seems pretty straight forward – clothes line rope, fabric scraps and a machine with a zig zag stitch. I particularly love the black mixed in with bright color on this basket. It also occurred to me that a tiny – doll size – one might be interesting.

julie hamilton collage sketchbook

And the sketchbook collage work of illustrator Julie Hamilton. I discovered her work through the Brown Paper Bag Blog – there is a post with lots of Julie’s work and more about her process. It’s such a good way to experiment and an easy place to start if you’re feeling stuck. Make some marks. collect some paper, cut stuff up and mess around.

If you try any of these I’d love to hear about it – you can let me know in the comment section.


  1. Tabitha

    The basket looks so interesting! I also hate wasting even the tiniest scrap of fabric. The American Girls’ Handy Book suggests threading tiny scraps onto a piece of strong thread and then trimming them down to make chenille, but that sounds sooo tedious… this idea looks a lot more doable 😀

  2. Victoria Abbatiello

    Love love love your art work!! Would love to purchase on sail ship. I live across the pacific sea in California. Is there a website to make a purchase? Going to make a cereal box boat with granddaughter (12 yrs old) for summer project. My email victoriahab@yahoo. com. Happy sailing, victoria

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