1. I love your work. I’ve been an art teacher for years but never got into sewing much. Your work inspires me to create something with textiles. Keep making beautiful things.

  2. The most talented craft/artwork I have ever seen, creative prefection and beautifully presented, cannot stop looking at this wonderfully talented work…… Ann you are truly gifted, I am inspired to enrich my 4 young Grandchildrens lives with your patterns and creations. A touch of Victoriana, whimsy with nostalgic memories……. Sitching heaven…….

  3. High Ann, My grandmothers maiden name was Ann Wood. She was an artist. Your name and then seeing your work, made me very happy. Thank you

  4. Patricia Gwin

    I want to make the ships (love linen) and have just ordered the templates.
    Looking through the gallery, I noticed you have a White sewing machine. I have one too (from the 50’s) exactly like yours and I love it. I have to have it rewired because it keeps shorting out. Truly vintage. Now maybe I can make some vintage

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