how sew-alongs work :

Each week we will focus on completing one section of the pattern. There will be a blog post with tips and some additional insight or instruction. All the pattern steps will not be recreated in the blog post – please follow the pattern steps in your pdf or booklet and read each section before beginning.

Please check the blog on Fridays for sew-along posts – there will not be an email each week.
This is not a class or live event. You don’t need to sign up for anything or be available at a particular time. All you need to do is purchase the owl pattern and complete the steps each week – sharing on instagram or facebook is totally optional.

Ask questions or offer your own tips in the comments. There are lots of people participating and some are beginners. If you’re an experienced sewer and can help out with questions that is very much appreciated.

For sharing images and discussion please use #annwoodowlsewalong and #annwoodpattern on instagram and you can join the facebook sew-along group or the ann wood handmade community – stitch club.