scrap swap sign-up




*The swap is full and signups have closed

The rules are pretty simple:

I’ll match everybody who signs up with a partner. You have the option to have an international partner or not. You will receive each other’s email address and it will be up to you and your partner to communicate mailing addresses etc.

Scraps bundles should be shipped by 2/12 .

The scrap bundles should be about 8 ounces – this will keep postage reasonable and is still a nice little pile of scraps. You can get specific about this with your partner if you like. It is also up to you if you want to share your instagram etc. with your partner.

If you do want to share scrap swap photos on instagram please use #scrapfestival2020

This is my first scrap swap and I have no idea how difficult/time consuming the admin part will be so I’m starting with a limit of 100 participants. I’ll match people up as quickly as I can. If it all goes smoothly and more than 100 people want to participate I’ll open up a round 2.

If you sign up and don’t get a partner email within a few days please check your spam folder.

The form is below – please follow these rules:

  • All fields are required.
  • Enter your email carefully.
  • Please do not abbreviate your country.
  • Please keep your response on the “what you like to make” question very brief!
  • Please only submit one form