1. Your creations are simply magical. I have been a lurking admirer (sounds so perverse) but I have nominated you for a blog award on my blog.

  2. These are so, so beautiful, ethereal, perfect. This photo in particular – even more stunning!!! I found you work in a roundabout way about 2 years ago (when I first discovered blogs – through some South American artist, I think). Haunted, I contacted the LA gallery about your ships, and they were long since sold. I just arrived home from a special trip to Paris – where I was reminded of YOUR work: in a garden park, Tulieres, young children rent magical wooden-wax-patchwork cloth sailing ships, and sail them across the pond. (I must get you my photo.) Upon my return Thursday, in my email box, was the latest SMALL MAGAZINE – featuring…….YOUR SHIPS!!! I was speechless. They are so beautiful in those editorial layouts. Clearly, this is a sign, no? Might my Ann Wood ship ever come in?

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