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very nice mice free sewing pattern     tiny top hat tutorial

paper mache teacup     how to make a perfect bird leg

paper mache boats     cardboard stampede

sphere_templates     put wind in your sails

resources supplies, tips and tricks                 ……… more coming soon!

ann wood handmade free resources


  1. Thanks for sharing ,My web site is not up yet just yet Just starting out ,but i have been looking for a tiny hat for years I have all ways made them too big lol I do host a lot of parties , I’m going to be hosting a party next year for my uncle turning 80 He loves hats. So I thought of a small hat to top off his keep sake boxes as well as each table center piece (A hat ) and as well as each member at the party, Each hat will be different with a story of his life as we roast . I’ll try to remember to send picks once again thanks so much Ps ur pieces r wonderful and u have some very cute pieces keep up the creative work

  2. Your Fantastic, the things you make, showing us, so very , very kind of You. thanks, hope too make a By

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