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solitary sailor

my big creative year : for introverts

On a scale of 1-10 for introversion -1 being an actual hermit and 10 being the super extroverted end – I would place myself at 3, or maybe 2 and 1/2. I don’t mind it, don’t want to change it and couldn’t if I did. It’s not a condition, it’s not better or worse than […]

on July 6, 2015 3
mushroom pattern shoot

do – overs – the agony and the ecstasy

I got about 85% done with my mushroom pattern and decided to scrap all the photos and start over. The text for the steps is all good but I didn’t like the photos. I struggled with them throughout the process, re-shot one section to try to make myself feel better about them, re-edited, applied some […]

on July 1, 2015 14
moody teacup

my big creative year : ordinary happiness

Happiness is good for creative work – it’s an open place, a place of ease and flow, curiosity. I think of myself as a happy person and I think of myself as someone who deals well with failure but I, and I think most of us, can relate to the tendency to focus on negative […]

on June 29, 2015 6
sketchbook : week 19

sketchbook : week 19

Week 19 in my yearlong sketchbook practice. I love having a record of  the days – it’s an extra bonus that comes with this sort of daily practice. It’s a different kind of remembering – looking back at each days little experiment.  The memories are of sensation and mood, the little squares mostly don’t relate to […]

on June 27, 2015 1
toadstool pattern work

toadstool pattern progress

The toadstool pattern is just about done.  I’ve got a few steps to reshoot and then a little more work on the document and it’s ready to go. I’ve taught this class a couple of  times and that definitely helped in writing the steps. It took two years of experimenting to get the shape I wanted […]

on June 25, 2015 3
Made Happy by Pictalo