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my big creative year : books that have mattered

There have been books that have stayed with me, books that inspire me and make me curious, books I just love looking at- over and over again. I’ve chosen a few of those to share with you. The first is by photographer Arthur Tress, Fish Tank Sonata. Flea market treasures – knickknacks – arranged in […]

on June 1, 2015 1
sketchbook week 15

sketchbook : week 15

Week 15 in my yearlong sketchbook practice.  The small scale of these was a good choice for me ( they are 4.5 inch squares). It has kept the task managagable – it feels reasonably  do-able most of the time. But it has also made me crave something bigger  in scale and more time to be thoughtful and time […]

on May 30, 2015 1
made from ann wood handmade craft patterns

made by you

I’ve put together a little collection of things made from my patterns – I love seeing these – beautiful work and tons of imagination. Thanks for sharing your photos! A dear lamb by Evie Barrow. A fantastic boat by Alla  (this boat is made from my free boat pattern). The paper mache ships below are by Val […]

on May 27, 2015 4
sketchbook - week 14

sketchbook : week 14

Week 14 in my yearlong sketchbook practice and a brief public service announcement: In observance of Memorial Day I’m taking a break from the my blog routine and there will not be a Big Creative Year post.  I hope if Monday is a holdiay for you it’s lovely, onward, ann

on May 23, 2015 1
textile art bird in progress

my big creative year : the one task method

At any given moment I have a lot of things started. I bounce around working on something for a bit and then move to something else. It is rare for me to start something and stay with it without interruption until it is complete. And even if something is nearly done there might be some […]

on May 18, 2015 13
sketchbook - week 13

sketchbook : week 13

Week 13 in my yearlong sketchbook practice.  It’s odd, and interesting to me, what my brain churns up in these little daily exercises – this week’s themes seem to be domestic and dark.

on May 16, 2015 2
Made Happy by Pictalo